Calculate Age Of SharePoint List Items

Ever wonder how you can calculate the age of the list items in SharePoint? The Today() function is not allowed in calculated fields, so what’s the trick? 1. Go to the list where you want to calculate age of the items e.g. Task List2. Click Settings => List Settings and create a new column and name it e.g. “Today”, There … Read More

How To Bulk Update SharePoint List

We’re busy implementing a SharePoint web application which has a couple of workflows that runs when users change things in a form. Everything seems to work fine except before users close up for the day some of the lists that are read into the form require a status of “Open” to allow users to use that list item again the … Read More

My First Post… Ever

It feels different, as I thought it would. I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘blog’ person, but here we are. Every time i started writing a blog post (it was once), well it got lost somewhere. So what do I plan to write about? well I would say mostly reposts of stuff I find online that helped me when … Read More