Unable To login To Fully Qualified Domain Name SharePoint Site On Host Server

My password is correct, I know it is, its what I used to log in to this server, BUT WHY DOES IT KEEP ASKING ME FOR A USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

How could I not know that when you try to access a SharePoint Site which has Fully Qualified Domain Name on the its host server it does a LoopBackCheck that keeps asking for a username and password.

Basically, you have a server called SharePoint and on it you have multiple Web Applications with different Host Headers. The Host Header allows the DNS to properly point you to the right SharePoint Site when multiple sites are on point 80.

So when we try to access http://company on the SharePoint server it will keep asking for a username and password because it does a LoopBack check. Apparently its a security feature as part of windows.

Follow the cool blog below that will show you how to disable it.

How To Disable Loop Back Check On Windows Server

Thanks To Robyn Cerda & Teddy Gonzalez for the cool blog posts.



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