Application Pool Stopping When Running 32-Bit Non-SharePoint Sites In IIS

Whilst moving a site over from one server to another, I ran into slight issues isn’t too hectic to sort out.

The source server where the site was hosted was not a SharePoint Server, rather just a basic server to host some websites, plain and simple.

The destination server was however a SharePoint server. The website being hosted needed its AppPool to be run in 32-bit mode, but when hosting 32-bit websites on a SharePoint server it gives the error in the event viewer:

“The Module DLL ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\isapi\spnativerequestmodule.dll’ could not be loaded due to a configuration problem. The current configuration only supports loading images built for a x86 processor architecture. The data field contains the error number. To learn more about this issue, including how to troubleshooting this kind of processor architecture mismatch error, see”

With this error, your web application’s AppPool will stop by itself once you browse to your application.

To fix this you can run the following command that allows 32-bit applications to run by redirecting the spnativerequestmodule.dll to run only when 64-but application need it.

You can run the code in an elevated Command Prompt session:

<pre id="pre485695" class="prettyprint notranslate"><span class="code-string">"</span><span class="code-string">%systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\AppCmd.exe"</span> set config -section:system.webServer/globalModules /<span class="code-keyword">[</span><span class="code-keyword">name='SPNativeRequestModule']</span>.preCondition:integratedMode,bitness64</pre>


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