Application Pool Stopping When Running 32-Bit Non-SharePoint Sites In IIS

Whilst moving a site over from one server to another, I ran into slight issues isn’t too hectic to sort out. The source┬áserver where the site was hosted was not a SharePoint Server, rather just a basic server to host some websites, plain and simple. The destination server was however a SharePoint server. The website being hosted needed its AppPool … Read More

InfoPath Button Rendering (Button Cutting Off)

Just a quick one… So i I have had a silly issue pop up on InfoPath when using buttons. What happens is when you use some rules to hide and show buttons, sometimes the button doesn’t render properly and shows a thin line as a button rather then the actual button   So after doing some research it turns out … Read More

How To Remove/Change “There Are No Items”

When using the “Shaded” style on a view in SharePoint 2013, if there are no items in that view/list then SharePoint shows “There are no items to show in this view of the “Child” list. To add a new item, click “New”.” After doing some research I found a link with some that assisted me. Its quite simple, add the … Read More

How To Remove Individual Checkboxes From SharePoint List View

Ever wanted to take away access from users selecting multiple list items in a list? Its actually a feature SharePoint uses out of the box in the view settings for the particular view. Click on your list Go to list settings Scroll to the bottom and choose your view under the views section Look for the section that says “Tabular … Read More

Apple opening South African office

Well its about time! Apparently Apple used to have an office here years ago but they weren’t ready for so much awesomeness that South Africa offers they decided to rather use a distribution model.. Anyway, the news is out, no seriously its on the news, that Apple has opened up an office in South Africa. I just wonder though how … Read More

Calculate Age Of SharePoint List Items

Ever wonder how you can calculate the age of the list items in SharePoint? The Today() function is not allowed in calculated fields, so what’s the trick? 1. Go to the list where you want to calculate age of the items e.g. Task List2. Click Settings => List Settings and create a new column and name it e.g. “Today”, There … Read More